My work questions the relationship between text and images, and often uses appropriation to point to the contradictory messages embedded in the contemporary globalized environment, re-presenting familiar artifacts of popular culture to critically comment on those elements as representative of a genre. Feminism, photography theory, and literary theory underwrite my practice.

I am also dedicated to critical writing as art practice. Selected essays appearing in popular and peer-reviewed publications include:

      “Wrong Thing, Right Space: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andy Warhol's unlikely bond,”Broadcast,  October 17, 2023

      “Who Owns Culture? The case of the Andy Warhol Foundation v. Lynn Goldsmith,”
Broadcast,  March 7, 2023

      “Art Writing and Allegory in the Anthropocene,” co-authored with Susan Ballard, October,  issue 175, 2021

       “The Invention of the Selfie in the Photography of Anne Collier,” Camera Obscura, fall 2019

      "Alone in the Crowd: Appropriated Text and Subjectivity in the Work of Rirkrit Tiravanija," Third Text, February 2017

       “Reframing Pictures: Reading the Art of Appropriation,” Art Journal, published by CAA (New York), winter 2016