Rietveld chair detail

Van der Rohe and Reich chairs detail

Judd bed detail

Modernist hypotheticals: zig zag
Modernist hypotheticals: partners
Modernist hypotheticals: flower bed
archival inkjet prints

13" x 19" each

Part of an ongoing photographic series reproducing and enlarging details of collages juxtaposing arrangements of iconic furniture from design history with various household items (tchotchkes, houseplants, electronics, etc.) as reproduced in interior design books, catalogs and magazines. Rephotography makes the hypothetical, imagined world of the collages both more and less obvious: more obvious for the enlargement discloses the cut/collaged nature of the elements; less obvious for how the photographs frame specific relationships in the collage from a photographic perspective that seems "realistic," as if shot in 3-dimensional space.]

Three photographs from this series are posted individually above, studio shot below. Series ongoing; more images to come.
Modernist hypotheticals studio install shot