call out...
A performance in collaboration with Jen Kennedy
Phonebook, telephone, phone line, randomly selected recipients of calls
45 minutes
2009-present (ongoing)

[call out... (poster, above) documents the transcript from our live call-out performance on East Village Radio.  call out… was originally performed as part of a feminist radio takeover organized by Broadside for PERFORMA 2009. The performance consisted of a series of random, anonymous and unannounced, live phone calls where ripped a page out of the phone book and called the numbers sequentially. We asked the person receiving the call to tell us what it was that came to mind when they heard the word "feminism."  The transcript is presented above as an unlimited edition poster.

call out... is an ongoing performance, and can take place on the air, live in front of an audience, or privately in my studio.  Check back here for audio recordings of the performances.

See for upcoming performances of call out... and more information on my ongoing collaboration with Jen Kennedy.]